Web2 Interactive


Shoppers are the heartbeat of any retail business. Yet, consumers’ newfound frugality may not diminish anytime soon. It's no wonder, then, that retailers are focusing on increased customer intimacy and channel expansion as key business drivers for the long term.

Why Web2 Interactive?

We believe that retailers shouldn’t have to choose between a strategic partner and a cost-effective outsourcing provider. With Web2 Interactive, you get the best of both. And to ensure creativity and innovation, we have created a dedicated Retail Innovation Group aligned with our clients’ needs.

Segments We Serve

  • Department Stores - Amid increased competition and complex supply chains, we help you meet changing consumer demands. Our merchandising solutions include price optimization, category management, assortment planning, promotions and marketing.
  • Grocers - Our solutions help to optimize prices, provide intelligent inventory planning and implement high-powered POS systems that speed checkout and enhance the customer experience.
  • Discount Stores - We can optimize your merchandising, increase supply chain efficiencies, generate accurate product mix forecasts and improve service levels for maximum customer retention.
  • Specialty Retailers - Overcome competition from similar companies, while outmaneuvering mass-market retailers, in spite of their scale and cost advantages.

Services & Solutions We Offer

  • Services - Improve ROI from your IT investments by leveraging our proven Transform while Perform™ (TwP) methodology. And gain quicker time-to-benefit from our Solution Accelerators.
  • Solutions - Combining top-notch business expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we create practical solutions to complex challenges in supply chain management, merchandising, eCommerce and store management.