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It is a time of dramatic change in the communications industry. The convergence of traditional fixed line, wireless, cable, satellite and Internet technologies has service providers racing to:

  • Maximize on new opportunities
  • While maintaining cost efficiencies
  • And preventing customer churn
  • In the face of strong competition and market consolidation

Now more then ever, service providers need to deliver service to their customers quickly and at a low cost. To do so, their “quote-to-cash” cycle must be efficient.

Web2 Interactive's communications solutions target the Business, Operational and Assurance issues within the quote-to-cash cycle to recover lost revenue, reduce operational expenses and recover stranded capital.

  • Business Solutions - Accurate quote, order and introduction and configuration of complex products through user-focused portals, CRM, business intelligence and enterprise content management (ECM)
  • Operational Solutions - Improved order management and provisioning through integration, SOA and business process management (BPM)
  • Assurance Solutions- Accurate representation of network, service and billing data through network audits, data and inventory management, revenue assurance and cost management
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