Web2 Interactive


Mobile is the most rapidly growing communication channel businesses have to reach their audiences. Deploying mobile solutions involves more than just formatting information for the small screen. Successful mobile deployments bring together the right content presented in the right way at the right time and place. Most importantly, the mobile medium must work in concert with all other channels to provide a unified experience for consumers. A mobile presence can strengthen a brand, complement existing products and services, and extend relationships with consumers.

A mobile presence that reaches a broad customer base, offers customized content based on device capabilities, and streamlines navigation provides a superior mobile experience.

Our Mobile Services Include:

  • Mobile strategy
  • Design and development of marketing or transactional mobile websites
  • Adaptation of full websites for ubiquitous access and display on small screens
  • Design and development of native “apps” for the iOS, Android smartphone, and tablet platforms
  • Optimization of all digital interactions with consumers to provide a multi-channel experience, including multi-touch point design interaction
  • Use of mobile devices in a physical space (geo-data) to enhance in-person experiences

Web2 Interactive is a trusted mobile authority for our clients, creating mobile business strategies and mobile implementation roadmaps for our engagements. Our Information Architects, Designers, and Developers are versed in all the major mobile platforms, building and deploying mobile websites and mobile applications that follow strict testing guidelines.