Enterprise Search

As the volume of information on your website increases so does the need for a robust and well designed search solution. In the face of vast amounts of material and a wide array of user needs, traditional navigation yields to faceted navigation and internal site search for immediate, curated results. Organizations for which information is a primary revenue driver have the ability to derive real monetary value from exposing their intellectual property through search.

If more than 5% of your site traffic engages your site search functionality, search is something of paramount importance to your organization. At Web2 Interactive, our user experience designers unlock the potential behind search with extensive user research, usability testing, customer surveys, and traffic analysis. We create faceted taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and search parameters that serve key organizational goals and user needs.

Effective Enterprise Search Systems:

Search is a crucial part of any solution, whether for an external-facing website, intranet, portal, custom application, mobile website, or mobile application.  Our developers work with best of breed search applications such as Coveo, Endeca, FAST, Google search, custom built solutions, and more.