Intranets & Portals

Intranets and portals are targeted business tools designed to combat wasted time, effort, and materials while at the same time generating new opportunities for collaboration and productivity. They can take the form of employee intranet, student portal, customer service tool, and much more.

Above all, effective portals must succeed in two areas: usability and usefulness. In our engagements, NavigationArts marries an organization’s mission, employee or constituent culture, and established communication patterns to provide a single point of interaction with myriad sources of data. A dynamic and user-centric experience vastly simplifies communication, information access and job-related tasks, resulting in a usable interface. Substance, relevance and consistency in content as well as mission-critical applications are keys in providing usefulness.
Our Intranets and Portals Provide:

As knowledge becomes more accessible and data more accurate and flexible, the workforce or constituent base becomes better informed and more productive. The most effective experiences simplify work processes through dynamic role-based views, and allow for decentralized content management through user contribution and real-time capture of user experience data. Creating a social context in which knowledge management and productive tools exist is essential to user engagement and user adoption. Based on these principles, we develop from the bottom up rather than the top down.